Stuff like this irresponsible, hate mongering journalism really gets me. Give it a look if you have time.

Any Japanese infant with an attentive ear can utter the words, “money.” For a journalist to use that utterance from the mouths of desperate people as evidence of their foreignness is illogical in the extreme. Using that same variety of logic, I could claim that any human on the face of the earth had committed the crime in question.

How ironic that on the same page as this article they advertise an English vocabulary learning system, an American based hotel chain, and a German housewares company. The English vocabulary system that is advertised there uses the slogan, �h�p��͂�Bς�P�ꂪ��{�B�h

Do you think they understand the irony there? It would be interesting to see how they felt about the kind of shabby, hate inspiring journalism their ads are attached to.

I wonder if the criminals learned the word “money” the learning system advertised there.


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