Beautiful morning

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

More meetings this afternoon, one with the faculty, and the other with some high school teachers who are coming to discuss some classes that I will teach for them next month.

Then I have to get ready for the retreat for students participating in this year’s study-abroad program. We’ll have that at a hotspring hotel at Yunoyama Hotsprings. Just kind of an orientation for them, what life with an American family might be like, how to prepare themselves linguistically to talk and make friends with people.

Got a call this morning from an NPO, “Kodomo no Ibasho,” “A Place for Children to Be.” That organization works with children who refuse to go to school or who have been refused by school for one reason or another. I will go over there and talk to them about doing some classes for them sometime. I’m kind of looking forward to working with them on some kind of project.


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