Boycott the Olympics

Am I missing something? Has anyone out there started a credible
movement to boycott the Olympics? I recall another time when the US
boycotted the Olympics because the USSR had invaded Afganistan in a
doomed act of blind agression. The US and Japan are engaged in a
similar act, not just in Afganistan this time, but in Iraq, too.

I personally vowed to leave my TV off for the entire time, and to
avoid any product that advertises that is supports the Olympics. Not
that I have really changed my lifestyle much. I almost never watch TV
anyway, and I haven’t gone near a soft drink now for a long time. My
feeling is that I don’t need to be sitting at home rooting for the
Americans or the Japanese while they are in Iraq getting shot for
elected officials in the US and Japan. I can’t watch athletes
participating in games while Iraqi people die for cheaper American
and Japanese oil. (Even though oil just keeps getting more
expensive.) I am concerned that the most powerful and formerly most
respected country in the world is being led by the nose by a pack of
criminals against humanity. It’s like America has gone to Greece to
fight a war with all that war lingo that crops up in sports, and is
winning it there. Unlike all the rest of W’s miserable failures.


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