Typhoon comes aground in Kyushu

The weather channel link on my university site says that it’s 28 degrees Celsius, but feels like 32. It doesn’t tell you that there is a typhoon coming aground in Kyushu and that the wind is picking up here. There was an interesting bit of news on the radio that said that when a typhoon swirls in a counterclockwise direction, as this one is, it slams the east coast with wind and rain. That would be us. Of course, we are not in the area of maximum influence yet, but we soon will be I guess.

People in low lying areas around the coast are being evacuated to secure places. I don’t live in a low lying area, nor do I work in one, but other people need to be careful now. Apparently the tide is very high. I guess the annual cycle makes the tide high right now, and so we have annual high tides mixed with a typhoon, a powerful low pressure system, and high winds that could put lots of coastal areas underwater.

For some cool satellite photos and mpegs of the typhoon, go to the Kochi University Weather pages.


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