Fall Semester Teachers’ Seminar

Today was the first day of the Yokkaichi Teachers’ Initiative, a teachers’ development seminar that my colleague, Andy Mellor, and I coordinate with the Yokkaichi Community College.

This time around we have 5 people registered. Only 4 showed up today, but all of those people are repeaters, for better or worse. One person hadn’t attended for 3 years, but had participated in the first session we did.

Our activities today included one ice breaker, a kind of getting-to-know-you game. Then we chose the topics that we would have workshops on this time. The participants chose to do workshops on Reflective Teacher Development, Pronunciation, Learning Strategies, and Cultural Awareness.

In the late morning and afternoon, we worked on generating action research topics for the participants to do in the interim between sessions. My project is to find out over the course of the semester what students learn when they take quizzes that I have made for them and posted on the Internet. I want to know if they learn any English and/or computer skills. Looking forward to that actually.


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