Who did the "smart people" vote for?

Election 2004 in the US saw lots of people at the polls and a win for the new president bush. Since he didn’t actually win the last election, my conclusion is that he is new. But Who voted for Whom? Lets let the facts speak for themselves.

A report on Netscape this morning caught my eye. “States Ranked from Smartest to Dumbest.” I gave it a look. There is a ranking of states, which is,”… the findings of the Education State Rankings, a survey by Morgan Quitno Press of hundreds of public school systems in all 50 states.” The rankings looked familiar somehow. Something like election results. So, I checked in with CNN on the election results. I compared the smartest 10 states and their election results with the dumbest 10 states and their election results. Here are the results.

Smartest 10

1. Massachusetts, Kerry, 62%

2. Connecticut, Kerry, 54%

3. Vermont, Kerry, 59%

4. New Jersey, Kerry, 53%

5. Wisconsin, Kerry, 50% (bush 49%)

6. New York, Kerry, 58%

7. Minnesota, Kerry, 51%

8. Iowa, Bush, 50% (Kerry 49%)

9. Pennsylvania, Kerry, 51%

10. Montana, Bush, 59%

Dumbest 10

41. Tennessee, bush, 57%

42. Hawaii, Kerry, 54%

43. California, Kerry, 55%

44. Alabama, bush, 63%

45. Alaska, bush, 62%

46. Louisiana, bush, 57%

47. Mississippi, bush, 60%

48. Arizona, bush, 55%

49. Nevada, bush, 51%

50. New Mexico, bush, 50% (Kerry 49%)

Don’t know. Looks like a trend to me.


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