Failing forth-years

It is happening, the forth-year students (“seniors” where I came from) in my class for students repeating first-year English are all failing. This is a situation that I would like to have avoided, but they just don’t show up. And when they do, they just kind of sit there and do as little as possible. This strategy is not one that I encourage, mostly because it doesn’t work, but also because it is not any fun for anyone at all. It can’t be fun. It would be a much better way to spend 90 minutes to just play a little bit with the language. It would probably help them learn something as well as get them a passing grade.

I don’t want to deal with sobbing 22-year-olds who finally realized that I have never been joking, and that the job that they have found, which necessitates a degree from a four-year university, will go to someone else.


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