Throw away your credit cards now

This isn’t about language teaching

American Consumers. You propped up the rest of the world through this most recent recession that happened all over the world. You worked and spent like good Americans, put yourselves in huge debt, and now the American Congress wants to repay you by making it impossible for you to get out from under your debt if you lose your job through gross corporate mismanagement and government fiscal irresponsiblity. Here’s the NY Times article on the subject.

Stop spending.

That is it. Cut up the cards. Get out of debt as fast as you can by what ever means necessary. Downsize everything, house, car, wardrobe, and stop buying anything that is not essential.

The world worshiped at your feet as you spent to support them. Now Bush and his cronies want to make it possible only for the wealthy elite to get out of debt. Hit them where it hurts. Your pocketbook.


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