it’s tough being a student

It’s really hard being a student. I have a class of repeaters this semester. They are people who haven’t passed this particular section of English yet. 99% of the time the reason for that is that they skip so many classes that they can’t get the credit, so attendance is that main hurdle. This morning two of the people in my class were here and walking into class when someone crashed into their parked car and two others in the parking lot. This driver then sped off, and in trying to park in another parking space, drove over the parking blocks. I don’t know if the driver was drunk, insane, or just a really bad driver, but the result was that my students had to follow this idiot and call the police. Everyone was fine, but they missed class, something they were actually trying to avoid.

I suggested that times like these are why one should maintain good attendance records. I sure hope they show up next time.


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