Trusty bike

This is my newest bicycle. I have several of them, but I have been using this one for commuting recently. My home is about 17k away from the school, but the route is scenic for the most part. Lots of rice fields and few cars

The reasons I started commuting by bicycle are several, but mainly I want to reduce the amount of gasoline that I use.

My immediate goals are to cut my gasoline consumption in half. I still drive one day a week. Tuesday is a long day with classes starting at 9am, meetings in the middle, and late classes until 9:40pm. Frankly, I’m cooked at the end of that day, so I drive. Otherwise my goal is to ride on all other days.

Looking outside today it looks like a strong head wind for the ride home.

trusty bike
Originally uploaded by Yokkaichi 1.

2 comments on “Trusty bike

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please write more on your blog. I enjoy reading what you write but your entries are very infrequent.

  2. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the comment and the kick in the butt.

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