Car inspection

In Japan cars have to be inspected every once in a while. I don’t even remember the periods; I think a new car must be inspected after three years, and then every two years afterward. My car just had to be inspected, and I was reminded how great it is to have a well-tuned automobile. The service that dealerships offer is very good. I took my car in on Friday, and they lent me a car while my car was in the shop. It wasn’t a great car, but it was wheels, that was really useful. They would have come to pick up my car and left a loaner if I hadn’t been in the neighborhood. Then the dealer called me on Sunday to say that my car was finished, but the paperwork required for submission to the Department of Motor Vehicles wouldn’t be finished until Monday afternoon. Yesterday, I went to pick up my car. Everything was tightened up, and clean inside and out, waxed and polished, and dealer wiped the windshield to remove any dust before I got in to drive off. It cost! The cost for the paperwork, repairs, belts, oil, filters, and some electronic equipment that had reached expiration was $800. It was expensive, but the car drives like new. In fact, I had recently bought new tires, so it practically is new.

We have to have our other car inspected later next month, which will cost even more, because it is a larger car, and I want them to more careful with it, because it is the family car. My car, if it runs safely, that’s enough. But for the whole family, I don’t want breakdowns or irregularities.

Cars are expensive, as they should be. They are an luxury, I don’t care where you live. Also due next month is our insurance, which will cost us $500. I struggle constantly with the issue of keeping or getting rid of one of the cars. It does encourage good treatment of the car, and frugal driving habits.


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