Pete Seeger on Democracy Now, Seeds

I often watch and listen to Democracy Now’s streaming broadcast. It is the best source of news that I can find. The July 4th broadcast was a hour with Pete Seeger, and the last lines of the show were really powerful. Here they are from the transcript that they have online.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, I want to thank you very much for being with us. And for someone who isn’t so hopeful who is listening to this right now, trying to find their way, what would you say?

PETE SEEGER: Realize that little things lead to bigger things. That’s what Seeds is all about. And this wonderful parable in the New Testament: the sower scatters seeds. Some seeds fall in the pathway and get stamped on, and they don’t grow. Some fall on the rocks, and they don’t grow. But some seeds fall on fallow ground, and they grow and multiply a thousand fold. Who knows where some good little thing that you’ve done may bring results years later that you never dreamed of.

The power of seeds… a marvelous thing.


2 comments on “Pete Seeger on Democracy Now, Seeds

  1. barryb says:

    Hi Daniel,I’m a regular listener to Democracy Now from Los Angeles’ KPFK and I often hear Amy talk about listeners worldwide-Now I have independent proof that such folks actually exist. I’m also an ESL teacher in an adult school here in Los Angeles and got directed to your blog via someone else’s blog that referred to the video you posted back in 2006 about teaching English in Japan. I’m not seeing the video on the blog and I’m wondering if you have the link to the original video so I can view it.Also, if you go to Smithsonian Global Sound at and scroll all the way down to the end of the list, you can view a great video of Pete Seeger singing “English is Crazy”

  2. Daniel says:

    barryb,I have the link to the original post that I think you may be referring to. just ran it to see if it is still on ifilm. It worked when I tried it.

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