With a sigh of relief and tears in my eyes…

I am proud to be an American today. I spent the last eight years completely disillusioned with the country, to the point of becoming clinical about it. Today I look at the election results, and I am happier than I have been in a decade about the events in my home country.

The one disturbing result is “Proposition 8” passing in California, which eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry. At the time of this writing, 5,387,939 adult people who voted for the proposition are deciding for 26,937,431 (My calculation based on Census Bureau numbers) other adult people who did not vote for the proposition how they should live their lives. Absurd.


5 comments on “With a sigh of relief and tears in my eyes…

  1. Clarissa says:

    Prop 8 wasn’t alone–similar measures passed in Arizona and Florida. I just don’t understand it. I fought against Prop 8 and I’m waiting to find out what the next step is–if ANYTHING cheapens the marriage my husband and I have, it’s this kind of nonsense where people are trying to forcibly divorce our friends who happen to be of the same sex! It makes me feel guilty and embarrassed that we can feel secure in our marriage just because we happen to have mismatched chromosomes, while our friends are living under horrible stress right now. Argh. Anyway, three cheers for Obama.

  2. Daniel says:

    Why would people pass a proposition that limit people’s rights in this case? Absurd, absurd.

  3. Jon.T. says:

    Well Obama’s election might have been an emotional moment but could also be a very deceiving victory. Many web sites talk about why the media and some very powerful people were backing Obama, people who control the media. Lots of information is available on that. Let’s make no mistake, people pulling the ropes are behind the scene and it’s no accident if Obama won. He gave us the illusion of democracy and the american dream, but that’ s pretty much an illusion and people bought it. Now it will be interesting to see what Obama actually does. For a start he’s got 2 hardcore zionists in his cabinet already, and one as the vice president. Doesn’t look good…

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