Student comments on Goals

In some of my recent Community College classes, one for discussing films and one for speech making, I asked the students about their goals for the class before it started. Before I throw the paper out, I thought I would post what their comments were.

Looked at together, they are a good picture of what upper-intermediate students want from their English classes, regardless of the content.

  • To brush up my skills through the before lessons, going to the movie. I like speeches of politicians, authors, and other speakers. So that, I want to listen them and figure out in detail. Through this class, I’m going to accelerate my learning
  • I want some friends who can speak English very well. (I want them to inspire me.)
  • To exchange alot of information about movies. (speaking, slang)
  • to learn various expressions
  • express correctly what I feel and think about
  • I thought I would get many comments for grammar. But I could enjoy making a speech. I want to learn grammar much more. I can’t get used to be nervous!! I hope I can get over it some day.
  • I want to speak more. I have many opportunity to speech in school, so this class is very good for me.
  • Correct my pronunciation for raising speaking skills.
  • I want to take more business like lessons.
  • just have a lot of talking time with English
  • I hope enjoy English with everyone!
  • I want to speak smoothly. I’m ashamed when I speak. So I want to speak without shaming.
  • I’d like to speak English without hesitation.
  • Keep in touch. Improve pronunciation. Learn more expression.

2 comments on “Student comments on Goals

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