On President Obama’s Speech on Education

I support Pres. Obama and the contents of his speech, but I would prefer that he had not sought to have it broadcast at schools. My reasoning is as follows.

1. He is setting a precedent for other politicos to beam messages at our kids. Senators, governors, sheriffs, and city council members will now think they have the right.

2. This time I agree with the message and showed my kids the speech afterward, but what if it were W drumming up support for his war on terror/drugs/illegal immigrants/freedom of thought or whatever? He was president, too.

3. School is a place to teach kids what they can’t get other places. Teach them what they need to be taught and let them go. I reserve the right to educate my children what doesn’t need to be taught at school. More time in school doesn’t mean better learning. Of OECD nations, American children spend the most number of hours in school, and look at the results.


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