Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Today and yesterday we are doing a scavenger hunt with a Halloween theme in class. The students get ten questions, and have to find the answers which are posted outside along a trail through a bamboo grove. They get treats at the end. Here are the questions I used.

1. When did Halloween start?
2. Who started it?
3. A pumpkin with a face cut in it is called a __________?
4. Children dress up in _________________.
5. They go around the neighborhood. That’s called ________________.
6. Jack tricked ___________________.
7. Pumpkins were first used in ______________________.
8. Halloween comes from a combination of 3 words; _______________ ________________ _______________
9. Western ghosts have __________________.

10. A house where ghosts live is said to be ____________________.

Number nine may be a little tough to answer. Western ghosts have feet. Japanese ghosts are said not to have feet.


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