52 Weeks– Getting to know you

52 Weeks– Getting to know you                                                                                   

a. present language about getting to know people
b. present conversation pattern, GSTTF
c. conversation prompts so that students can exchange information
d. offer extra material available on the Internet

Pre-listening questions.

a. What do these two people do?
b. Where did they first see each other?
c. Did the conversation go well?

Atsuko: Hi. My  name's Atsuko. We're in the same English class.
Eri: Oh, yeah. You usually sit in the second row. My name's Eri. What do you think of the class?
Atsuko: It's pretty good. It's the only one that fit my schedule. What do you think?
Eri: Yeah, it's pretty good, but I took it for a core credit.
Atsuko: What's your major? I mean, why are you taking this class?
Eri: I'm a Nursing major, and I live about an hour away from here, so I don't want to take an early class. I have a part time job in the evening, so I don't want to take one that was too late, either. 
Atsuko: Where do you work?
Eri: At a grocery store. I'm a cashier. How about you?
Atsuko: I'm a Biology major, and I'm taking it as a core credit, too. I have another class today, so this time worked out for me.
Eri: What year are you?
Atsuko: I'm a Sophomore. How about you?
Eri: Me, too. Hey, I was just going to get some lunch. Did you eat yet?
Atsuko: No. Can I go with you? I'd like to hear more about your job.
Eri: Of course. Let's go?

What do you think…
This phrase is used for asking about someone's opinion on a specific topic?
Here are some possible answers. I love it. I like it. It's great. It's ok. I don't like it. I hate it.
Ask you partner about these topics:
the weather    today's classes    football    English    Math

Remember plurals are a little different!
What do you think about television games? I don't like them.

What's your major?
This is what you ask when you want to know what a college student is majoring in.
What's your major? I'm in _____________. or I'm a ___________ major.
Ask your partner about his/her major.

How about you?
This is called Answer +. You are asked a question, and you want to ask the same question to him/her. Instead of asking the whole thing again, you can add this after your answer.
Ask your partner questions about these themes, and then have him/her add Answer + to his/her answer.
Where you were born.
Where you live.
What kind of music you like.
What kind of food you like.
What kind of movie you like.

I'd like to…
This is a way to express what you want to do. It sounds a little more formal than "I want to…"
Ask your partner what he/she would like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
(What would you like to eat for breakfast?)

Additional listening on the Internet
 Game in class    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLJAWjrG6N0 
Julie Andrews singing "Getting to Know You" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaBNZMsjEoI


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