Korean Missile Launch = Multifaceted Fail for all but North Korea

This morning at about 7:38 Korea time, North Korea launched a missile that they claim carried a satellite intended for orbit around the earth. Shortly after launch, the missile is said to have broken into pieces.

The Defense Minister was on the tube at about 8:10 saying that he didn’t know, but it looked like the missile crashed about 1 minute after launch. However reporters near the missile defense sites around Japan reported a flurry of activity at around 7:40, after which everyone went away. Government lie fail.

The media, after a week of fear mongering, labeled the launch a failure. They aren’t commenting on the fact that North Korea stood up to the UN Security Council and did exactly as it pleased, even after the action was condemned. Media myopia fail.

‎”Still, the rocket failure is a major embarrassment for Pyongyang, which has invited dozens of international journalists to observe the rocket launch and other celebrations.”Everybody who thinks that inviting journalists to the site had anything to do with “staking its pride” on the ostensible outcome of the lauch, raise your hands. I don’t see any hands. Media perspective fail.

Japanese reporters were heard to opine, “Well if the Americans knew anything, surely they would tell Japan about it.” Naivete fail.

The UN agrees on issues so infrequently, and here they issued a joint statement and an opinion by the general secretary about the launch being a violation of relevant Security Council resolutions, but the missile went up anyway. UN Security Council ineffectual fail.

The average North Korean will hear about the wonderful step forward toward space exploration and world domination, including clips of the first seconds of the launch and their fearless leader, and all will cheer. North Korea government win.


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