The Necessity of Building a Language is Decipherable Even After It’s Forgotten

How old is humanity’s oldest language? It appears that Sumerian cuneiform dates from about 2900 BC, so something like 5000 years ago.

In a period of similar length, the Giza pyramids have been covered and re-excavated at least twice.

Now we have something that we must bury that will live as long as and posses more potential harm than any mummy’s curse. Radioactive waste.

The question is this: How do we write a warning that will last long enough and be understandable to prevent future archeologists who may stumble upon our lethal mess? That is a problem that a group of nuclear scientists and archaeologists tried to figure out in Dublin at the Euroscience Open Forum.

It would be best to leave as little of this in the ground as possible so that future explorers need not fear the curse of the energy addicts.